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Skyfall Artists

Digital & interactive picture book

An independently developed narrative game, mainly using Unity and Photoshop.

The player enters the game as an art teacher. Through speaking to different 'weird art students', the player will realise the students' artworks are metaphorically revealing the mental health issues they suffer. 

Download links

Skyfall x86 (Windows)

Installation Steps (Windows)

  1. Download the .zip from the link above.

  2. Unzip the file.

  3. Click Skyfall.exe to run the game.


The game may be lagging the first time you open it, please wait for it to load fully.

logo2 jpg.jpg

Skyfall x86 (mac OS)

Installation Steps (mac OS)

  1. Click the link above.

  2. Download on the page.

  3. Open the file but the system will block it because it is from an unidentified developer.

  4. Go to System Preferences - Security & Privacy - General - Open anyway.

  5. The system verification pops up again - click Open.



  1. The game may be lagging first time you open it, please wait for it to load fully.

  2. If you are using a small screen, you may need to change position of the dock to see the entire window of the game (System Preference - Dock - Position on Screen - Left / Right).

  3. I don't have an Apple device so I tested the game on VMWare Player - which means that I haven't seen it on an Apple computer for real. So if there is anything going strange on your Apple device, please contact me:

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